Types of cranes for construction

2020-05-29 15:22:18 491

  There are different types of cranes in the construction engineering. It is a kind of machine that can lift, lower and move heavy objects with pulley and cable. It is a valuable asset of the construction industry, because they make any type of building easier, which is helpful for the construction of high-rise buildings and in the inaccessible areas.

  Types of cranes for construction

  Cranes are only used as temporary structures during construction. Therefore, in order to facilitate movement, these equipment are installed on vehicles. Except for some heavy cranes, most of them are installed on trucks. The wheels of truck cranes are made of rubber. These wheeled vehicles can move faster than trucks, but they can not reach the uneven areas. Support is set on the vehicle base Legs to provide stability to the crane during operation.

  Rough terrain crane is a kind of special truck mounted crane, which is used in off-road construction or in rugged areas not suitable for the use of ordinary truck mounted crane. It uses specially designed rubber tires and has legs at the bottom of the vehicle to ensure the stability during operation.

  Crawler crane is a movable equipment, but the movement of vehicles is completed by track, so they do not need legs to maintain stability, and their lifting capacity is very high (40 tons to 3500 tons).