Various design of industrial crane

2020-05-29 15:13:01 339

  Few machines have such a wide range of designs as cranes. Before construction, manufacturers should consider the location of use and the required weight. In addition, cranes are often modified to meet the needs of users.

  Various design of industrial crane

  Cranes for industrial use are usually designed to stay in one place, they often perform automated repetitive tasks. Bridge crane is a kind of equipment whose track is higher than the ground, which is usually supported by the ceiling of the building. Its advantage is that it will not cause obstacles in the working area.

  The cranes used in construction usually perform various tasks and should be controlled by skilled operators. The articulated crane is a kind of mobile equipment. There is a joint between the two parts of the boom to enable it to move in a way similar to the human finger joint.

  Tower crane is used for the construction of high-rise buildings. It is installed during the construction and removed upon completion. An external tower equipment is installed outside the building. With the increase of the height of the building, it is lifted by lifting the upper part and adding a new section of tower below it.